3rd Annual Event: Connections
March 12nd, 2016 - 10:00am to 3:00 pm
Grades 7-12 Admitted
TEDxTheNuevaSchool brings together Bay Area students for a day-long conference on the topic of connections. We seek to educate, spread awareness, and promote discussions around the psychology of connections, the impact of relationships, and human social interactions.

Our theme for our third annual conference is Connections. Connections are integral to our everyday life. How do they function? What do they mean? How are they aided or disrupted by Technology? Join us at the Nueva School on March 12th for a youth-led conference seeking to explore these questions. Open to grades 7-12.

New speakers to be announced
James Kass
James Kass is the founder & Executive Director of Youth Speaks, which fosters spoken word in youth. He is regarded as the founder of the youth spoken word movement and is Co-Executive Producer of Brave New Voices, and HBO Series.
Radha Mistry
Radha works to engage people in meaningful conversations about change. Her current focus is exploring the Future of Work at the intersection of human behavior, technology, and the built environment.
Smiley Poswolsky
Adam Smiley Poswolsky is a career expert and author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, a guide for millennials to find meaningful work. He is an 8-time counselor at a tech-free summer camp for adults where grownups go to be kids again.
Artie Wu
Artie Wu is the founder of Preside Meditation, a resource for learning meditation to support calm, healing and bliss. He has been practicing meditation for 30 years. Since 2012, Artie has taught over 80,000 students around the world.
Jenny Feinberg
Jenny Feinberg is building Makespace Coworking, a community of 800 creative entrepreneurs. After helping women prepare to run for political office, Jenny saw how self-esteem deters many from pursuing our genuine ambitions. She now works to develop more trusting and courageous cultures by creating accessible workspaces for doers.
Richard Hylerstedt
Richard is an interdisciplinary designer and facilitator, specialized in human-centric innovation and design thinking the public sector. He founded and led the Amarra-te a Amarante urban innovation lab in Portugal and is now creating a framework for bringing designerly problem-solving to city halls around the world.
Michael Mayernick
Michael Mayernick is the cofounder of Spinnaker, which democratizes access to big data insights. Michael founded Proudly Made in DC, curates the DC Startup Digest, and co-organizes the DC Tech Meetup. Talk to him about Ruby on Rails, behavioral economics, or the New York Giants.
Nadia Mufti
Nadia Mufti is passionate about human-centered design, holistic health, and helping others discover and pursue what makes them come alive. Nadia co-founded the Hive Global Leaders Program, which convenes leaders and social entrepreneurs from around the world to take their work to the next level, together.
Stella Tran
Stella is a member of the investment team at Just Business, who works with companies to help them source ethically and to re-invest back into the communities they source from. She is passionate about building and growing startups with multiple bottom lines.
Eva-Maria Zoll
Eva-Maria has been working on the intersection of business and education innovation before she joined the mHealth company Mimi Hearing Technologies. Mimi aims to be the #1 go to source for personalized sound/ music and healthy listening.

Lunch included for all registered attendees.
Please contact tedxnueva2016@gmail.com with any allergies or dietary restrictions.

The Nueva School, Hillsborough, California

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The Team

Aisha Sheikh
Faculty Organizer
Briana Das
Student Organizer
Polina Lissin
Ananya Ram
Erik Meike
Nico Poler
Leona Das
Matthew Mellea
Eric Jung